There were certainly a lot of talks a couple of years ago about dropshipping on eBay being dead.
The reality, however, is a bit more convoluted.

“Dropshipping” on eBay isn’t quite as it seems

Back in the mid-2010s, a lot of so-called “dropshippers” started doing something pretty unfair:

  • They found products on retail sites like Amazon and Walmart.
  • They advertised these products on their eBay store, just at a higher price.
  • When a customer purchased from them, they ordered the product to be delivered to the customer from Amazon or Walmart and pocketed the difference in price.

eBay customers were even receiving their products in Amazon branded boxes sometimes, with receipts showing the real amount the “dropshipper” had paid.

Unsurprisingly, the customers were unhappy and frankly, so was eBay. Their brand was being damaged.

A couple of years ago, eBay really changed its rules for what dropshippers on eBay are allowed to do. This is when lots of content showed up saying how “Dropshipping on eBay was dead.” which isn’t necessarily true.

That’s because what was going on before was not genuine dropshipping. It was pretty much a scam.

eBay is very much alive for real dropshippers

For real dropshippers, eBay is still a good place to be. It sees huge volumes of commerce going through its marketplace. In the last 3 months of 2019, goods worth $22 billion were bought and sold on eBay.

This is a market that’s simply too big to miss out on. Sure, the long-term growth potential is smaller than on other marketplaces. But on the other hand, eBay is pretty straightforward to get started on and it’s low risk.

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Image by @lira_n4 via Twenty20