Welcome to Dwely. Today I’m going to share with you how to get a piece of an almost trillion dollar industry called e-commerce. I’ve been investing comfortably real estate for the last 15 years and I’m going to share with you why and how we’re going heavy on eCommerce because it’s absolutely blown away our real estate cash flow.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about real estate over these last 15 years is that real estate isn’t exactly as passive as you might think it is. If you own any rental properties you probably know it’s not completely passive you’re either managing the tenants, the termites, and the toilet but you’re also a listen you’re also managing the property manager. No one that I know in the real estate game has the same property manager that they had five ten years ago. There’s a lot of turnover your constantly having to check in on them and making sure they’re not dipping into your bucket and take you some of that you do truly passive income passive income from you.

I first got involved in eCommerce about eighteen months ago when I started my own Shopify store and dropshipping products from China. Terrible idea by the way, and I don’t encourage you to try it. Almost immediately I got myself banned on Facebook ads and that lasted for well over a year before Facebook decided that I was worthy to come back to the platform. They never told me why I was banned. I’m going to share with you today how you can get in e-commerce in a truly passive way.

Our company helps our clients with eCommerce Automation. What is this exactly? We help our clients get set up across one or multiple platforms in the space. We help them pick the best products. We list the products. We handle all of the orders. We handle any returns. We handle the customers. In short, we handle just about everything which is why it’s automated.

As an owner of one of these stores, you’re leveraging your credit and using arbitrage to fulfill client orders. What does that mean exactly? It means, you don’t buy anything until someone has made an order on your store and paid you. We list a set of pots and pans on your store for $150 and someone buys them. We go to our suppliers and buy that set for $100 and you just made a $50 spread after Amazon has already collected the money for you. You take the money, pay off your card and keep the rest along with any points or cash back rewards you may have earned.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with an eCommerce store, go to our Contact Us page and schedule a discovery call to see if it’s a good fit for you.